Initially, the USP teacher must negotiate the terms of na international agreement with the teacher/reseacher and/or representatives of the foreign university to prepare a contract record adequate to the requirements of both parties.

The draft agreements must be written in Portuguese and in the foreign language version.

It is recommended to use the USP standard minutes to process the agreement faster.

These are avaiable in portuguese and other languages for download on the AUCANI website.

Important: The content and format of the draft should be discussed in advance with the foreign institution. Once the process has been initiated, it is necessary to return the draft to the first instance of approval if there are changes that alter the legal content of the document.

After the agreement of the parties, the interested teacher sends the proposal of the agreement with the draft already prepared in both languages for appreciation of the Departament Council.

Approved by the Departament, the documentation is sent to the International Office that also analyses, approval of the Research Commission is also requested.

The process is then submitted to the Congregation of the Ribeirão Preto Medical School for appreciation.

That is the last step of the process in the Unit that sends the minutes for the Regional Legal Consultancy then the analysis of the agreement is made and possible legal inconsistencies are pointed out. If there is a need to change the text of the draft, the process will be returned to CRInt.

Finally processed by all instances, the process can be signed by the management of the Ribeirão Preto Medical School and the foreign institution.