“International Experience Advancing Science” (IEA Science)

The Institute of Advanced Studies Centre of USP/Ribeirão Preto and the Campus International Office (CAPEE) will hold on September 27th the First International Experience Advancing Science” (IEA Science). Its purpose is to provide opportunities for the  exchange of information about research to foreign students enrolled on postgraduate programmes at USP’s Ribeirão Preto campus.

Those interested in participating must present their research orally and may use audiovisual projection equipment. Registration is free and must be made by September 9th using this form. Presentations can last a maximum of ten minutes, contain up to five screens in PowerPoint or PDF format and must be sent up to one week before the event to the email iearp@usp.br. A certificate of participation will be sent.

The event will be held at the Events Hall of the Institute of Advanced Studies Center USP/Ribeirão Preto (Pedreira de Freitas Street, house 20, next to the FMRP Central Building). Questions or more information: capee.pc@usp.br.

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